Thursday, March 3, 2011

"reunion lunch"

Reunion meal, has become a tradition not only with family, but friends. Especially with very very old friends. However, our group has shrunk from 20 to 3. Hahahahaha.

But I'm grateful that we still had reunion lunch this year. ^_^

Japanese cuisine for reunion.
Yuzu, The Gardens.

As the name of the restaurant. :)

Spot the zodiac of the year!

My very very very old friend~ ♥

Steph + Marilyn = Stephrilyn.

Pale face. Partied non- stop in the month of Feb.
Ok, no more party for March Jenn!!

My best boy friend!
* boy friend, not boyfriend okay~ it's not attached, so do we *

Tall and thin she is.

Golden Roll, RM22.

Best fusion sushi!

Tori Karaage, RM18.
Nothing special.

Ishiyaki Geso, RM12.
Best!! With alfalfa some more~ hahaha

Mayo and cheese~ yum!

Even without the cheese and mayo, it's sulking nice!

Sukiyaki, RM65.
Good! Especially the beef~

Bff's egg + mushroom with sukiyaki soup. Hahahaha

A corner in Garden's.

Before the Green Hornet caught me!

Where were u looking at? :P


A simple yet contented day with the besties. Can't ask for more, really treasure the friendship and time we spent together. Love you both a lot!! ^_^

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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