Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

Ahem, (in a serious tone) I would like to wish everyone to have a great year start, with good health, good wealth, career, love, friendship and peace. Hope all my friends and family had a wonderful celebration.

As for me, I ended work at 3pm and headed home. But the traffic had already started to move slow. I took a nap and had dinner with mom at home. Later, I decided to stay home (actually nobody dated me, that was why.. Shhhhh).

It was not bad after all. Sis called back sharp at 12am from Netherlands to wish mom Happy New Year. Then, her bf talked to mom as well. Wishing her in chinese (only the Xin Nian Kuai Le part) in a weird accent. Haha.

That was how my new year eve. Had it with mom, and some friends online chatting. Thank you guys~~

As for the 1st of January 2009, I went to have a decent lunch with mom (my treat okayyyy). She allowed me to pay for the bill at last (maybe she saw my balance when she update my bank book. LOL).

We went to this restaurant nearby called Mizi Shabu-Shabu to have our New Year lunch. It was not as great as I thought, but it was not bad at all. Sorry for the bad looking pics. LOL. Almost finishing then only I remembered I need pics for my blog. haha

Almost empty. Haha. Sorry about that.

Bright looking colour.

Ready? 1, 2, 3 dips.

Oops, still not cooked yet. Dip again.

Ok, it's cooked now. Steaming hot (the pot).

I was looking forward for the beef, it cost bloody RM8 for a plate. It wasnt nice at all. Worse than eating pork slices. The texture of the beef was so rough and hard. Mom said they might have bought some cheap meat. Not going to have beef in this restaurant AGAIN!!

Another filling meal. So I decided to have a good exercise for myself. And I washed my car. Haha. This is how it looks after I rubbed and rubbed and rubbed.

TA DA~~~~~~


Bling bling??


Well, I think it is. Until I could took a picture of myself. With mom at the back. LOL. It streched us both a bit though. And mom's tummy bulging. HAHA Effect of the window.

Washed the car and brushed the car porch, had a good sweat. Felt great!! A good year start I guess. :) Least, it was meaningful.

- Jenn a.k.a blueyfetes -

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