Monday, January 26, 2009

A "GREAT" beginning of the year

Today is the 1st day of CNY. I should be very happy celebrating it. But, happiness can't last long sometimes. And this is not what a person would ask for and want to.

I still remember I was soooo happy... not until that this happened....

My uncle, drove my car for awhile today, happily knocked my car to the divider. I know why, because he was too happy talking and looking around. Pointing here and there.

My heart was like dropped deep into a valley of nowhere when I heard the little 'noise' of knock.

I quickly went to see it... and this is my car's injury....

The paint is scratched.

The bumper stuck out a little because a clip snapped.

I found more when I got home.

You see, what a "GREAT" beginning of the lunar year I had.

I know, the FUxKING damage is not major. But, it's my new car!!!! Brand new I mean!!! Do you know how I feel huh??? Nobody has driven my car, and you were the 1st. You knocked it, ok, fine. But what was your response??? Haiyah.... nothing, no big deal....

WTF!!!!???? It's not your car of course you said so... Got no intention to pay me or saying sorry?? What an ugly elder you are. I dont care, I'd send you a statement after I send for repair. If you're that 'thick face' for not paying me back, I've no words to say. No more words and conversation I can share with you. EVER!!

Wasn't mom's fault, but she said she'll pay for me. Not cousin sis's fault, and she said let her know how much when I fix it. And you?? What a happy day huh?? Drink and smoke. NON-STOP!!

Mom and cousin sis, don't pay for the damage. It's his fault and he should be the one who pay. Not you both. You thought u're an elder and I should cover for you is it?? Don't ever dream about that.


Something more interesting happened a few minutes ago. There is a Waja, parked right in front of our house. That's my brother's parking (mine is parked in the house). So we found out that it is this Indian neighbour's car (their friend).

I walked to them, and asked whether it's their car. A few uncles went to check for me and apologized. Then came out this bold guy, and said :" where do you want to park? Am I blocking? i didn't park the car in front of the entrance. As long as I didn't block, then it's ok. I'm parking at a public road."

URGH!!! Why there is such person on earth. Altough you didn't block, but that's our space ok?! Right in front of our house. How about I park right there at the house? Public also eh???

A few uncles again, asked him to move (in Tamil, but I guess that was what they meant), he started the engine, but still telling me that's the public space. Farting!!! An uncle kept apologizing, that this bold fella talked too much. I guess they were all embarrassed of him. Yes, he did move his car, for 1CM!!!

Fine, you go ahead. I don't want to get myself into any worse situation. Enjoy your FOOD old chunk (no offence).

Going out to party now to cheer myself up.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Pork Chop said...

cheer up, get your car fix, bill him and it will be good as new! :D

blueyfetes said...

i wish it is that easy....

杰夫利仔@政轩 a.k.a Jev said...

as long as it get fixed, problem will be no more. who pay? up to you, but not me.