Saturday, January 24, 2009

The weekend fun

Remember the crackers bought from Kuala Selangor? Mom had fried them, but only one packet first, the potato chips. :D Yummy~~ We're going to serve all the potato, sweet potato and prawn crackers during CNY~~ whoever likes it, welcome to be my guest.

Mom looking very serious ;) muaks~

Frying one by one... so it took quite awhile to fry all...

There. All looking delicious.

I know it would taste so good. Because mom fried it. (^0^)

On top of that, we're having something a bit different to serve the guest this year. hehe... Something exotic to us...

No. 1 Grisbi- it's lemon+ginseng flavoured if you can read from the box.

Cant be seen very clearly in here, but it tastes awesome!!!

I honestly hate the smell and taste of ginseng. When I was young, whenever mom made food/herbs soup with ginseng in it, I would definitely ran way. But this Grisbi, the quatity of ginseng is not much. So, with the blend of lemon, it tastes quite delicious. So sorry, I had finished all. hahaha

No. 2 Bosari--- haha... what's this?? starfruit??? Of course not!!

It's heart melting butter cake!! :D :D

Uhm.... ehem.... hehe... it was my and mom's breakfast. Out of stock as well. LOL
No worries, the 3rd one, a lot more left. :))

No. 3-Hoppe (I dont understand the name either).

Hoppe, is one kind of cookie to be served when drinking tea in the Europe. In this bunch of Hoppe, some are cookies, some are chocolates. But in a conclusion, all taste damn good!! Can come and try this only. hahaha... sorry :P I've such big appetite..... :((

Besides these exotic food sis brought back from Netherlands, her bf's mom bought us each one present. And I got this nice thingy... ~~~~~~~

Very beautiful wrapping right???

Ta da~~ a very very pretty necklace!!! The Dutch Shoes are made from porceline.

Ahhhh~~~ awww... heart melting cute little thingy~~ thank you aunty (sorry, I dont know your name)~~~

Ok, getting ready to leave. My family's reunion dinner is in tonight. Happy Chinese New Year~~~~ Biii biii (sound of the whistle okay.......)~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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