Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, there is nothing new about myself, so I decided to give an update of my closest friends---- Lulu and Brownie (the ultimate partners). Hahahahaha

Since I started to work, I find myself neglected them a bit... so I decided to give them a treat!! So I went to bought this when I went to the pet shop...

tee hee~ real chicken meat yo~

As usual, Lulu and Brownie rushed up quickly when they heard the sound of me opening the packaging.....

And this is Lulu waiting for the treat:

haha. Lulu: give it to me quick!!

I gave it to her of course. Now, see how she munched it

Now you see (a small bit).....

Wala~ disappeared. R.I.P real chicken meat.

Fast isn't it?? She can be put on a lot..... and after munching one in a second, she wants another. And Brownie was still munching his... he's quite slow in having new stuff... takes time to overcome. LOL

Look at those eyes~~

Like talking right?? Of course I couldnt resist her powerful talking eyes and gave her another.

And then she rushed up for another.

Glad they were both happy eating the treat I bought. Uh... think they were happy. hahaha... cos they didnt shout and scream saying they were happy. haha

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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