Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Jenn

As the title says, it was my birthday yesterday (only 1 hour passed actually). I've been having the strong feeling of blogging these few days, I've no idea why. Too free?? Haha

It was very happy that I had all the wishes, celebrations, cards and pressies from my friends and family. Thank you all~~

I got these 2 cards, from my friends. One, she posted to me 3 weeks ago. Happy enough, she didn't sign the card. LOL. What a cute person. Luckily she did write her address behind the envelope.

these cards look so sweet to me ;)

Then, my buddy Zoe, lied to me on the phone, asking me where was I, and telling me what she was doing in 1U when I was at work. When I got home, saw an envelope on the table. My sis told me, the dogs barked, and she got this and didn't see anyone. Silly Zoe dumped it into my mailbox and ran away. Sweet and heart-warming though... xoxo

Another buddy, suddenly sms me to ask do I mind if I get clock/shoes as presents for my birthday. Of course I dont mind at all!! And I thought, she might be choosing present for me, as the day before we went out together, I didnt manage to get heels I want.

After a few hours, her bf called me. Asking whether if I were home. Luckily I was. And I got this.

Kinda big huh

Unwrapped it ...............................................................................................................

Ta da~~~~~~ a clock!! I was wrong!!!

Dang dang dang!! Got it right at 12am!! Beginning of my birthday.

Ding!! Lights on!!

I was kinda surprised to get a clock, a good surprise. :) couldn't stopped laughing when I saw this GIANT clock. I mean GIANT!! Take another look of me with it.

Now, see. Giant?? Bigger than my head!!

It's just cute as how it looks. ;) xoxo
Had a sweet dream.

The next day, cousin sis came to look for me for lunch. But we didn't go out in the end. Mom cooked. She gave me this cute thingy.......... It's kinda deja vu... that she got me a pressie that I was thinking for about 2 months and I didnt tell anyone....

Nah... not a shiny yellow paper bag. LOL

Yes!! This is it!! The solar collection that I'd always wanted. :D

Later, I went out for dinner with mom and bro. Funny and cute aunty (I called my mom like this sometimes), walked next to me while we were entering this Thai restaurant and said:" I be the boss today okay?"

I scratched my head a bit and HUH?? Oh~~~ she meant, her treat. xoxo so cute~

Thai coconut to drink of course.

Rice that look like 'lo mai gai'

Starter, Manggo Salad with fish. Slurp~ but too spicy for me.

My favourite SOTONG!! Bro odered the wrong dish though... I wanted green curry claypot!!

And.... I got no idea what's the name of this dish.... ha!

Less than RM50 for this meal only. Worth it right?? It tasted good too. Not my first time to eat in this Thai restaurant. Run by Thai, so all the dishes are original~~ Not much meat, more vege this time (hehe... we ate too much junks at home).

On our way home (yes, I took it while driving again), it looked nicer in real.

An hour later, a friend came and brought me out. ^_^
And I had lots of love(s).

Ooohoo~~~ Perlini's Silver~~

YAY~~ see??? Not one love, but two. haha

Although this year's celebrations were nothing like previous years, but honestly, I'm truly dearly HAPPY. :))
Can't stop smiling. Had a great time with my buddies and family. And this is enough for me. I'm satisfied. Thank you. Love you all. xoxo

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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