Friday, January 23, 2009

Update of CNY is creeping closer

Remember the previous, previous post of CNY? About the fish-shaped cuttings?? My colleagues were interested about it, so I cut 9 for the assistant managers for them to deco their room (but in the end, I decorated it).

This is how they look like pasted on the semi-transparent door. Cute isn't it?? Say Yes. LOL

Looking good too right??? I'm using it as my phone's wallpaper and mom thought it was some kind of symbols until I told her it wasn't. Haha

For this week (maybe previous week too), I've been losing control on my lunches..... sighs.... u see................................ I'M IN TROUBLE!!!!

This is called 'lakbal'. Vegetarian 'laksa'. Fattening!!!

Kim Gary!!! Hate you!! Made such delicious food!! Made me irresistable!!

'Seafood Stone Rice'. After I mixed and mixed and mixed.

Oh-mi-gosh!! All fattening stuff I had!! I'm very sure I'd be blown like a balloon during this CNY. More pics to be uploaded. Stay tune. Gotta sleep more to let my body burns those FATS!!!

-Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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