Sunday, May 17, 2009

1 day trip to Malacca, then Seremban

As I said in my previous entry, our friend Wayne from HK came to M'sia with her gf Belle. Rachel is very nice to bring them around, sightseeing and food tasting. So we went to Malacca and Seremban for 1 day last weekend.

The other night, we went to Look Out Point and Steven's Corner in Setapak. The night I discover the fun of taking lousy pictures. That's the reason why we started our jouney only at 10.30am.

After picking Wayne and Bell, we started our journey~~~~~~

Belle went into her lalaland fast. Wayne and me quickly caught this precious moment.

Rachel, our organizer cum driver. Love u dear.

She got tired fast also. Look how she was drivng, boobs??? Hahahaha.... jk jk

After 1 hour ++, we're in Malacca~~~~~~~!!!!!!!~~~~~~
The river~~~ see the sky, can u feel the heat??

Go for the cruise??? I was worried I'll be dead.

Another end to take a pic of the river.

We started to eat once we got there.
We were all hungry as we didn't take breakfast and the weather was too hot.

Yes, chicken rice ball it was.
with asam fish.

Luckily we had it fast.
See the queue while we left!!

A very unique painting.
What do you guys see?? Please let me know.

After the Chicken rice ball meal, we walked around for awhile. We all felt like we're ice cream or ice, about to melt!!! The weather was like heating us up and cooking us in an oven!! So we went to this famous dessert shop. :D

Asam laksa!! For Wayne and Belle to try out.

I love their architecture and deco.
Cooling place and so 'tasty' to dine in.

Ais Kacang~~~~
for a moment, we felt like we're in heaven eating it.

While we're heading to the mountain top, Wayne saw the snakes.
Posed with it and Belle.
To pose with the snakes, you have to pay only RM10, you will even get a print out pic for that.
If u want a bigger snake, they have too.
Iguana also they have, pick ur choice.

He told us he's afraid of snakes.
I think he's very brave of posing with it.

Rachel face was chopped into half. LOL
Rach, I didn't know u joined in.

On the mountain top. See the tiny ferris wheel??

And now ferris wheel with the ship.

then all 3 together.

The 'castle'.

I think he was kinda lonenly and boring standing there all the time.

For this moment, he's happy.
Not boring I guess.

Hmm... this was not so boring also.
Thanks to the one who took the pic.

Can see any difference to that 'pole' ??

Luckily I brought a cap and Rachel with her sunnies.
If not, I think we'd be shinning dark now.

I look cool in this pic? Only you think so Rach. LOL

We're all too hot, until Wayne found this 'cave'.
They sat in there for 30 mins. haha
the cooling cave.

A self-captured pic with nice background.
Cab you SEE the SEA???!!

She said she looked pregnant in this pic, and will not wear that dress again.
EVER!! Friend, please advice her. hahahahaha

Church of St. Francis Xavier

friend, go ALOHA again want???

Pulau Malacca it says.
Rachel said, looks so nice, let's go!!!

Brought us to this place that still under construction.
@#$%^&*! very funny, girl.

A closer look to Eye on Malaysia.
Nice cloud.

That's the platform for u to view Malacca in the 'sky'.

While on the way to Seremban, Wayne too dozed off.....

I have to talk to Rachel, if not she'd go 'gong yeh leh wei~~~'
And I found the joy camwhoring with her Mickey.

We arrived in Seremban, meeting Rachel's Babby (Datuk Chew), Mummy and Jeff, her brother. Datuk is kind enough, to drive all the way to Seremban to meet us, and treated us a wonderful dinner.

These are vinegar pork (left) and curry pork rib (right).

And this special dish, Ni-sha fish or 'sand fish'?? I'm not really sure too.
All the meat were cut into pieces, and deep fried.
Everything was so crunchy, even the bones can be eaten.
Match with the Thai-style salad, very good appetizer.

And this!!! I don't even know how to put into words to describe the wonders.
It's prawn for short, clean peeled ones.

The special "Paku-chai". It's actually wild vege.
Very nice too.

After the nice dinner, Datuk brought us to Seremban famous siu pao castle. While driving back, he raced with his daughter, Rachel. Hahahahahaha
Datuk drives an Estima, and Rachel, in her Kelisa. Can you imagine that?? How he raced?? Very easy.

First, he drove very fast, wanting Rachel to catch him. When he noticed rachel couldnt follow, he slowed down. Very slow, like 80.

After Rachel took over him, at the speed of about 120, he sped up to chase her. And he repeated that for many many times until I lost count. LOL

Datuk has also one very famous stunt, driving on the lines, with his big butt Estima. Datuk Chew, in here, I applause for u. You're a great joker. LOL LOL LOL
Thank you very much for treating us and entertaining us. hahahaha

It was so kind for Wayne and Belle, bringing us souvenir.
See, nice or not??

The very famous "kei wah bang gah" from HK.
Can't remember?? Always the free gifts for live audiences in "Super jiong moon yan".

2 fellers with Malacca fever.

It was a very fun weekend, meeting and outting with all my friends. Want to thank you all for making my weekend fun and interesting. Especially you Rach, muaks to u. And Datuk Chew, Rachel, I know u're not lying about him. hahahaha.

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Stephanie Tanz said...

yo it was already so exciting seeing the pics and reading the entry, i bet it's fun-ner to be there.

i also want to go one day trip!!!! with lots lots frens!!!!


blueyfetes said...

hahahahaha~~~ is it??? :D :D

Yupz, it was. And I just got back from genting also.... ahahahahah~~ will blog about it soon~~~

Rachel said...

Pertama sekali, i look like pregnant in the photo and already burn the dress. Kedua, i also dunno the damn pulau malacca still under construction ma. Ketiga, now i only know how my dad drive, i should buy insurance la, agent anyone? hahahha! Muarck muarck i *heart* you too Jenn, what a great trip with you and Wayne and Belle! hehe.

blueyfetes said...

LOL!!! What a waste!! burn dress... sending to neraka for who?? LOL

Ya, with all out witness, he's really a great joker!! hahahaha

I 'heart' u more. :P