Friday, May 8, 2009

Odd time, odd me

Mothers' Day will be coming SOON!!! And I was doing the last minute shopping. I asked brother and sister whether they wanna have a share, they agreed.

Since I'm working at the odd time 11pm-8am, I'd be to one to do the shopping. Well, brother never does, always me. He's working, and sis is in Singapore for now, so..................

Today was my last day on night shift (YAAAA HOOOOOO~~~). I came home at about 9am, then waited for Jusco to open, and now I'm home blogging, but not sleeping, YET. Weird me.


Ok, I went to this Eu Yan Sang in Jusco, Kepong. Once I stepped into the shop, nobody bothered me. Usually, when I go in with my mom, the salesperson will just following us from beginning to the ending. So I thought, ok, I'm just a stranger that bumped into your shop to linger.

In 1 minute, I had done the shopping. I guess they were all surprised I bought that much (based on my outfit just now) in this short time, and I guess, I was their first customer.

So the salesguy happily gave me this nice paper bag......

The design is quite nice I'd say....
but..... It's quite fragile when heavy stuff are put in...
But it was able to hurt my arm still~

This pic was taken after I drove back from JJ!!!

Let's peep and see~~
partly was my fault too la....
buying all those stuff
but he should gave me separate bags!!!

There, Brazilian Green Propolis.
Mom has been coughing quite badly...
So propolis is the best gift for her :)
And I saw the vinegers are on special deal.
Bought 3 bottles.
Ended up with shaky hands now. =.=
I'm that weak?? I've strong arms!!!!
Maybe that's history.... T__T

I also took a pic of my tired feet.
but I think they look more like weird feet.

Not weird??
Take a closer look.
What do u think??

I think I'm feeling weird now, thinking my feet are looking weird, and I'm not sleeping till now. Humph!! Why ar~~~~~ (sounded like Reef LOL)

Oh, before I forget, Happy Mothers' Day MOM~~~~~~~~ and to any moms that are reading this. Wish you all have a great day~~~~~~ :D xoxo

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Pork Chop said...

u toes do look funny! haha looking at the picture reminds me of the blue stocking u wore in uk

blueyfetes said...

oh no~~~~ gotta go for surgery ady~~~~ blue stocking..... OH!!! That one... I wonder where are they now...hahahahaha