Monday, May 11, 2009

The night I discover the fun of taking lousy pictures

A friend we (Zoe, Rachel, Griza and Ivan) met in London from HK, Wayne, is finally here in KL. Right after they reached KL, Rachel brought us all to Ampang look out point to see the night view.

Meeting them was nice, and I've discovered the fun of taking lousy pictures. :D :D

Rachel's hubby with LFC sticker.
Triggered Ivan many times the intention to run over it. LOL

Rachel taking a sharp turn.
I like the effects in this picture.
However, it was taken with normal mode, not scenic.

When I got up there, I was cheered by this nice view.
But this small picture here can't describe how I felt.

But later when I checked out the pictures when I'm home, I'm entertained by them.
I discover my imagination flew again~~ haha
See this one, like many Boomerang around... hahahaha

This one actually with many 'sea horses'
but it's too small to be seen in this pic

Then X'mas was here, LOL
SOOOO many candy canes~~~

Many 'C's around???
Or the elephants are moving in group???

Moon that night was very bright~

After we came down from look out point, we brought them to Steven's Corner.
We had Rachel around, ordering food insanely.... =.=
She ordered for the sake of letting Wayne and Belle to try. After a few bites, she sat there and watching others to eat. Then she wanted to order more. We were about to force her to take everything down by herself. HAHAHAHAHA

And this, Steven's Corner style.
The paid receipt in curry. HAHAHAHA

Ok, ciao. Freaking hot~~ ISH!!!!!!!

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Rachel said...

Apa la lu.. me mana ada order insanely and what the lousy photos! and i'm a good driver ok~!

blueyfetes said...

U go asked other and see. Eh, my lousy pics also fun ok~~~ I didn't say u're a lousy driver also.

Rachel said...

wat la~! my driving skill damn good wei!

blueyfetes said...

Wui~ open ur eyes big big and take off those freakingly big sunglasses to see properly. Since when did I say you're a lousy driver huh??!! show me!!~~~!!!