Monday, May 4, 2009

Tired of life or just being lazy??

I wonder, is my dog Brownnie is feeling tired of life, or just being lazy???

He always has this lazy nerve in him and sometimes sighing when he's there sitting alone.

I'm afraid he might be having depression too. But not really, he seems sooooo passionate to us...
Whenever we come home, he'll yip and howl happily. Then rubbing his head to my legs :))

But.... I've evidence that he's tired of life!!!!

See. What was he doing???
Resting his head on the gate grill???

There!! There!! There!!
I got evidence!!

Dozing off in the afternoon.
Hiding at one his favourite spot.

This was half asleep.

Only my Dumbo Brownnie does those actions/moves.

Lulu doesn't seem to do anything like that. Furthermore, Lulu is the mother!! She's much older than Brownnie!!

Lulu is turning 13 this year. But still, she's energetic like she's in her youth.

While Brownnie, turning 9 this year, looking like an uncle with biggg belly. >.<

I have proofs for Lulu as well!! See~~~~~~~

Posing with her cheerful face. Big smile~~~
Although this looks a lil funny, with a 'tree' growing from her head. hahahaa

And this one, being a lil bit of arrogant Lulu.
Looking away from the camera.

I like this picture a lot.
Sometimes I think there's a human in Lulu.
See, she knows where the camera is.
Looking at this picture makes me thinks she's a bit of a "Lab Retriever" too.
Her dark and shinny nose, with the chestnut eye. (^_^)

My dear buddies, I hope to be with you forever. But I know that's not possible. So let's just be happy and love each other eh??? Deal??? :)) xoxo

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Pork Chop said...

ooh guess what, giorgio used to rest his head on the gate grill alot,and most of the time he does it as tho he is watching the tv, everything ads appear he will put his head away. hahaha

blueyfetes said...

Ya, u told me b4. Like he knows when the time to stay and when to leave. :D

Lea Spykerman said...

I'm guessing Brownie's just bored.

He cheers up when you're home and whatnot, which means that he's still okay.

I can't ever imagine losing Zi too.

blueyfetes said...

Haha... .yeah~ he is.... big fat lazy bum LOL

Even jumping up to get treats he's lazy to do so.... =.=""

Yeah.... but they will go one day.. :) and we have to accept it