Monday, May 25, 2009

When some idiot trying to show the power and status

Sometimes meeting this kind of people is really tiring, especially at work. Making the working environment fun,lively and relaxing while the work is so hectic and fast, isn't it something good??? So that everyone can work happily and more relax while handling the task. I believe in this way, the quality and speed could be raised.

Just some idiots don't understand it. Partly. Once you started to talk, they'll dump you more work. Once u start to email, they'll say, hey!! so free ar~~~!!! And I think they are even freer to check out what you are doing all the time.

Today, went through the most wu liao kind of situation in my working life. (==.=="")

I went in to work at 6.15am, so my break time should be at 10.15am. But I went out at 10.10am. Which means 5 mins earlier. I heard someone calling me from the back, but I didn't care. All I wanted to do that time was to get out for my break. Once I scanned my access card, Winne the Ding Dong went like :" Ahhh.... never mind, I'll talk to you when you're back from your break" (a very disappointing tone).

I knew Winnie the Ding Dong wanted to nag about me going out early for my break again, as it isn't the first time I got nagged for that. See how desperate, rushing from the back yelling my name in the office. I salute.


After my break............... the drama began~~~~ weee~~~
Once Winnie the Ding Dong called me to go for a 'talk', I knew it would be about my time to go for break issue. But, it began with asking many unrelated stuff, like Sun WuKong in Journey to the West, ridding in his fluffy cloud, going here and there. (孙悟空,大话西游)

w= Winnie the Ding Dong, J= Jenn aka me

W: So how was the tagging process just now?? ( I was learning something new from another colleague)

J: Like that la...

W: Do you know why I want you and Zoe to learn tagging?

J: uhm.. dont know.

W: You see, when there is a miss clipped, you guys can just go on clipping and tagging, don't have to wait for the reader.... bla bla bla~~~ bla bla bla~~~

*nothing could be entered into my ears, all I could think of, was so many flies buzzing around me...

J: oh.... ok.

W: How's work?

J: like that, as usual.

W: What time you came this morning?

J: 6.15am.

W: What time you supposed to come in?

J: 6.30am. (I thought, it was just 15 mins earlier, what do you want..........)

W: Ok, if you come in at 6.30, your break....

J: (I talked before Winne the Ding Dong finished) I know, break at 10.30am. I went in early today, and I've done clipping 5 newspapers, and the other 2 havent come yet, so I went for my break first.

W: Ok, as a press operation assistant, you shouldn't just stopped there, you can work in headsum, with your speed, I know you can do many in that time moment. You should think about the other people that are coming in at the same time as you, when you go for break, they are still working there.

J: Ok, I go for my break earlier, I came back earlier, than I continue with my work. Nothing is affected, I'm not like I continue to rest and don't do my work. In the end, the total time of working hours is still the same.

W: No, you cannot think that way, others will not feel good when you do that way.

*for your information, my team members, those that come in at 6.30am, only 2 including
me. She's Yvonne Ng, which I dont think she'd mind at all. My justification is, Winnie the
Ding Dong doesnt like it. *

At that point, I was tired, I didn't talk anymore and just said yeses and nodded.

J: em em. yes yes.

W: Do you have anything to talk about? Like how's your work going?

J: no.

W: How's your edpd?

J: I don't have one.

W: What do you mean by you don't have one?

J: Cos I'm new, so I don't have one.

W: Edpd doesn't you're new and don't have one. What about Zoe?

J: Zoe's 1 month ++ longer than me. How to review when I'm only 1 month here, to set goals and achievements??

W: Edpd doesn't mean that you have to set goals, you can talk about something elses... bla bla bla~~~ aza aza aza aza~~~~~

J: Sharmila said no need, then no need la.

W: Oh... okay... so Jennifer, I hope you understand ya? Thank you for your time.

J: ok.

I was really really tired to talk, the main point was to talk about me going out earlier, so what the fuss to talked about so much nonsense??? If you have so much spare time, just go and control those that going for small breaks frequently, squeezing pimple in toilet, fan blowing here and there that kind of people lar!!!

If when to eat and go for a break at the precise time is that important, why not u go for your break right at 9am huh?? Y wait till 11am??? U like??? Gosh!!

Oh, and the drama went on for a little while. Winnie the Ding Dong walked passed behind me, then turned and slammed on my desk, "wah! so free ar!!" at that point of time, I was emailing with Zoe, Giant and Dora. So? As long as I manage my work, who cares?

Luckily there are still 'humans' in my work place, I have my baby Zoe, Giant, Dora, Shizuka and many others. Without them, I'd be bored to death and maybe pissed to death.

Therefore, I sometimes imagine we're the fellowship of the ring in LOTR.

Like this one, it could be like, 4 (Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin) of the very good friends (girls) in our office.
We hang out together, laugh, beat, dance, joke~~~~

And this, Gimli and Legolas, so like Giant and Dora.
They tease each other, yet so lovey sometimes.

Then the lovely couple, Nobita and Shizuka.

And who could be this one?? You decide.
Someone that is not harmful, yet it could make u go mad and annoyed when it started to bug u.

Thank you Dora for the Kawaii face and one shot in the open office. You taking the risk that your serious and fierce image could be gone for doing so. LOL. :P

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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