Thursday, May 28, 2009

A 'light' pub crawl

There are a lot more to write for Winnie the Ding Dong and her closest partner, but, let's wait for another time. This is my blog, not theirs. :P

After asking permission for uploading some extreme pics, I'll start now the 'light' pub crawl on last Friday. Although I'm upset now, but I will try to make this entry more cheerful. Will try to recall all the good things.

Last Friday, our outing was to celebrate Nick's day in KL. He was going back to Australia on Sunday (he's in Australia now). It was quite a big group outing to Island Cafe in Pavilion.

So Andrew came to pick Zoe and me (he always does that when we go out with him, nice~~~). We were quite punctual, except for Asif, the latest!! Late for 30 mins++.

In Andrew's car car.

Still in Andrew's car. With a lil bit of his sleeve in this pic. haha
I love this pic very much~~

After we reached Pavilion, we camwhored even more. hahahaha~~ girls la....

A bit of poutty lips.

A bit of smiling~

Big smile~~~
Then Andrew done his cash withdrawing.

Then we headed to Island Cafe. I snapped only one pic, which was Indonesia Fried Rice.

Sunny side up tossed to Asif (say thank you pls~).

While leaving to Quattro, Andrew needed to use the men's.

Here we went again~~
JJ, me and Zoe

After awhile, we arrived at Quattro, the summer bar. The guys ordered beer. Made my face turned green a little. So I didn't drink.

There, Nick, Zoe, Asif and me.

Then a girl came up to me and said:" can u pls fill this up?"
And Asif told me to fill in Andrew's details.
That was when this funny pic snapped.
Zoe's expression, I don't know what to say.
I love the 'special effect' background only. HEEE~~

We noticed a bunch of uncles next table, watching us like don't know what, aliens??? I felt so uncomfortable. So after 1 round of beer, we headed to winter bar~~~

It was emptied, we were the only group of people.

Can see what the waiters and waitresses wearing??
Very cute~

Winter time~
With X'mas tree. hahahaha

It was kinda bright with the lighting in there.
So the pics didn't turn out good.
The ice figure is the bench for u to sit on.

Andrew: Ahhhh~~ come to Daddy.
Asif: Yes..... Daddy~~~

The girls with Andrew.
He got the 'boss' look right??
We're with the trench coat provided by the bar.
So that we wouldn't be frozen in the cubical 'winter house'.

To some extend, we thought we were like penguins.
Then a nutty IT man came in the middle.

Nick with us girls.
Can see the happiness on his face? hahahaha

After Asif got himself a coat as well, he thought he could posed like James Bond.
Ended up he forgotten to tuck in and looked funny.

This is classic!!
Award winning for that night.

And before we left for winter bar, a group pic.
Asif, you looked great.

Then we had enough of experiencing the winter, we headed off to Aloha again.

Outside of Quattro, if you sit outside (summer), you will get to see this view.

While waiting for the car jockey to get Andrew's car, we posed again.
Then with someone trying to act.... uh.... pervy??? behind us.

We got the VIP seats in Aloha again. Boss, jemput masuk~~~~~

Nick could be a very good bartender if he's not an IT man. LOL
See his confidence in pouring that bottle of Belvedere Vodka?

2 Masters with the bottle of Belvedere.

Andrew's stomach was quite nice to lay some weights on.
That's many years of cultivation you know....

Hey~~ I'm kawaii~~~

After a few glasses of drinks, we were all warmed up. While drinking, dancing and joking going on, a bit of drama went on too...... In begins when.......................

The love birds were so in love~~~ *love is (was) in the air*
Andrew: Babeh~ u got nice chest!!~~
Asif: Can you please look at the camera?? See~~~ *blink blink*

Andrew: Dear, do you mind if I sit on you??
It's my turn ady la....
Asif: Sure...... *blushed* of course you can..... *shy*

Andrew: You are mind tonight~~~ You're so SEXY!!
Asif: I'm all yours~~ come come my lady~~~

*don't hate me ya guys?? :) cheers~~*

The love birds later on separated and went on with their own businesses. LOL

Such as posing with the hot babe in kawaii pose.
He was trying to look.....slutty??? Or maybe bitchy??
I don't know, you decide.

Then their very serious looking salute pose.
Good Zoe good.
Asif I rate...... ok.

About time to leave... See my tired looking face?? :P

On the way back home, we were discussing about our next outing again (we're very efficient, our best value is efficiency. LOL) while Zoe dozed her way off to her lalaland..... *ZZZzzzZZZZ* And I heard her snoring in between. Hahahahaha (Don't hate me pls.... :P)

It was an awesome night with the peeps again. All the stress, unhappiness and anger gone after we drank and danced crazily. However, there was something bad happened, Zoe's spare phone in Andrew car's glove compartment went missing. We found it out only when we reached at Zoe's house. We suspect it was the Quattro's car jockey's dirty hands as the Aloha's car jockey was very efficient in getting the car back to us.

But who knows. Just a lesson for all of us not to put anything valuable in the car next time, and get only car jockey that you know well. Zoe baby, don't be sad ya?? :)

The next day, I found my thigh, slightly hurt. The I found this bruise.
Hahaha, I was in my super dog pyjamas.
The criminal was JJ, pulling me out to dance while I scratch on the edge of the table.
But it's ok dear, you were shoked and felt guilty for my bruise. hehehehe
No biggie. Not pain. :)

For now, I want to say sth to a person. You really did spoil my day. For what you've said, I was really upset. I know you didn't mean that way, but it just made me felt so sad. And you were upset too. I've no idea how we developed into that situation, but I just want to say, I'm a very emotional person. I can joke and make fun with, but when I'm being serious, I really mean it. Hope you understand. But it's ok, we're cool now, right? It's just the process of getting to know each other, no hard feelings. But I wish you could be more sincere (your responsibility :P).

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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