Friday, June 26, 2009

1U shopping spree- Henri's visit to Malaysia

On the last day while Henri was in Malaysia, we brought him to 1U, because he wanted to taste Carl's Junior. Funny or not, they don't have it there.

So I went to pick up Zoe as well (as usual), Yen and Henri could go around themselves.....

It was a 'hurtful' shopping spree to me and Zoe again.. oh my... but more to me, she's richer than I do. :D

We went to buy ourselves each one a bottle of eau de toilette *puke* there gone some hundreds.

You!! Cucumber smell attracted me!!!
CK one summer~ now I know u're very famous.... :((

The colour of the bottle and the box, I like the tone.... ;))

My first bottle of eau de toilette
bought in Liverpool, with free cd. LOL

Of course, our favourite place to hang out, Padini Concept Store. :D
As usual we gathered outfits that we think we'll look good in, and try~~~~~~~

I think I looked like those English maid in older times... LOL

Me and baby Zoe~~
matching?? hahahaha

And she took a pic of me in this uhm......
and said, u're so sexy~~
I think it's kinda juicy of her telling me that ... LOL

Pet shop again, as usuall. We're pet lovers. :D
And I met this cute missy!!!!
She's only 1 1/2 months old!!!
A St. Bernard, she will grow into a canine weighting 100kg!!
She's just soooooooo CUTE!!!!
blur looking face... muaks~~~
I wish my house in the future is a bungalow...
so I can keep one St Bernard too... sob...
or better still, I live in somewhere cold... :))

There, the 'yan oi' couple~~ hahahaha

That was my happy weekend last week. This week, I'm not asking for more. I just want to have another happy weekend, not like I want to go for more shopping... I just want another happy weekend, happy days.... gloominess go away.....

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Anonymous said...

To feel happy or sad is really your own choice. You can wake up and tell yourself - TODAY I WANT TO BE HAPPY, then psychologically you will be happy. It's all in the mind!! No one can choose a happy or sad day for you, it's all in your own mind. Think about it! Take care.

blueyfetes said...

Uh... ok, can I know who is this???

Anonymous said...

Definitely is not me!!hahahha..
btw, my airen look so nice in the white suit!!did she buy tat??should buy!!!!!!!!
Nice Blog to surf!!!keep it up~


blueyfetes said...

hahaha~~~ No oh... she didn't buy...

Thank you Jane~~ xoxo