Sunday, June 14, 2009

Andrew's Birthday- PD trip

It was last weekend, that I went to PD, the birthday trip for Andrew the big brother. Every weekend scheduled with plans is really something happy to me. It helps me to pass the working time faster where I'm looking forward for the weekends :D

Once we got onto the way, long queue and traffic jam!!! Normally it takes 2 hours to reach PD. That day, we started our journey at about 11am, reached PD at.... 2pm++?? And that was under the condition going through the emergency lane. Don't scold me :P I wasn't driving.

See...... so hot and so jam.

And this man, sleeping all the way through.

Finally, we checked in.
The bed room was quite nice.

After some Wii sessions, we were all getting ready to head down the beach!!

Anax doing magic.
Classic pose. LOL

Faster.... I want BEACH!!!
I know, I looked fierce and scary here.

He said he likes this picture very much wor....
Asif, say thank you. I took good pictures right?? :P

While waiting for the gang to get ready, I went out to the balcony to snap some pics.
We're on the ninth floor.

There came Andrew shouting: You guys bought the same shorts together ar???!!!
It's very obvious both are very different okay Andrew Cheng~~~~
But I do have very funny story of that shorts of him :D

Splashing water during the sunset.
I see only happiness in this picture :)

The pretty girls~

And I was shocked enough to have found a dead body in the sea.

The best time at the beach is always the sunset/sunrise. It's always beautiful and short. That's most probably the reason why people will love it so much.

No words to describe the scenery.

Like an egg yolk.

No more sun. But the rays...... WOW.

Andrew: Asif Khan! You look so ugly I tell u!!
Get rid of that stomach lar!!

Wai Fun Jie Jie and Andrew Goh Goh~
Oh, and a drunkard silly looking fella at the back without tucking in.

Another fun and wonderful trip with wonderful people. :)
A getaway in the weekend to wash away all the madness and 'stress' at work. Thumbs up!!

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Rachel said...

soooooooooooo much FUN! and you and Asif look like couple wei :D

blueyfetes said...

Yes, it was kinda crazy... but too bad baby Zoe not around... Wui, don't simply say, we're not a couple....

Rachel said...

haha we plan wei!!! we plan it for our gang!! must be very fun too :D

blueyfetes said...

Our team got no big brother like Andrew.... arranged everything for us and all we have to do is have fun, then only pay. LOL