Monday, June 8, 2009

Henri's visit to Malaysia

After all the months of waiting, Henri finally took a flight, flew from The Netherlands to Malaysia. After he reached KLIA, he took the KLIA express to KL Central, then took the KTM to Kepong. Pandainya~~~~~ (clap clap, Angga clapped together~~~)

I went to the KTM station with my sis to pick him up to our home. Once we reached the train station, my sis ran to the waiting area (that was the time I witnessed something that can be seen only in dramas and movies). I saw Henri, and my sis jumped onto him, clinging like a koala bear as if Henri is a tree trunk, then Henri hugged her back and they spun for a few circles and kissed. So dramatic right?? But happy to see lar..... ;)

Once we're home, mom came out to the porch to meet him. Henri greeted mom with hugs and kisses. I found her face looked funny. LOL

After I got home awhile, I went for my 2 days 1 night PD trip. (next entry)


Henri told mom: The brown is me and the yellow is yen (sis).
So sweet~~~~

This is what he got for me.
I haven't drunk it yet, but sis told me it's very nice....
Like lemonade... but with 30% alcohol @@

This is the liquor that super 'kau', for brother.

The award winning wine in Europe.
Best wine in town??

And more Holland sausages~

Cheese strings and cubes.

And these...... don't know what are they.... LOL

And this..... looks so delicious yo~~~
But it's treats for our Brownnie and Lulu~~ :D

For first impression, a very polite and nice guy. A gentleman indeed! The face, looks like a child, baby face. Hahahaha. Personality, as mom said, a guy that is not too 'contaminated' like ordinary people in the city. He greets us 'hello', 'morning', 'evening' with us whenever he sees us. When he went out with mom and sis, mom told me he thanked all the waiters/waitresses and said goodbyes.

They're now in Bangkok for a few days, hope everything is going smoothly and happily..... :)

That's it for now, will update about PD trip in next entry. Ciao~~~~

--jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


tan said...

ur sis bf here!

indeed, a very dramatic scene...

blueyfetes said...

hahaha... let them la... so long didn't see each other..... :)