Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend shopping

I've been in this new job for almost 2 months now, I'm coping really good with the working hours (6.30am-3.30pm). A good time slot I'd say, no traffic jams, no hot weather (morning time), sleep early wake up early...... I feel so healthy. LOL Plus, even weekends I sleep and wake up early.... if I slept late also, will get up really early. I remember the time when I was in Genting, slept at almost 2am, and got up at 7am. LOL. So last week, once I open my eyes, I sms Zoe. "Hey baby~~ morning~~ where are you?? wake up lo~~ let's go shopping!!!" I've been holding the urge to spend for so long..... since the day I lost my job. It's now time to spend!!


We headed to 1Utama for Pasta Zanmai 1st. :D We were craving that few days ago at work. Hahahaha~~ Finally, the chance is here!!
As usual, taking pics is the 1st thing to do. Even before we placed our order. LOL

Then Zoe developed her love hate relationship with Mr Homer Simpson.

And I was kind to Homer. :D

That looked like a group of swallows.

The May special. Dishes on this menu are no special price *wink*

My passion fruit soda.

Her Banana something milkshake. :P sorry, forgot the name.

Except for the phone, the rest are from Zoe ;)
Oh, but the phone is also my pressie during my 21st bday from jie jie and uncle~

I named it.... BowBear (short form of Rainbow Bear Bear)

Mickey and Minnie.

Then my pasta is here. :D Prawn and squid spaghetti. Couldn't stop licking my lips.

Then I asked for more cheese. Like covered with snow.

Zoe's hamburger.

Wafu Hotate Soup on May Promo. Only RM6. Darn cheap!!!!

Look at that scallop!!

Zoe tasted my cheesy spaghetti. Her facial expression tells the story.

More pics :D

After we paid, we went to the pet shop. hehehehe~

Saw these fellas sticking together. LOL I assumed they were too cold.

Jenn: Uh, hello..... can u see me???

Rabbit: Yo wassup?? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL Laughed out loudly unlimited times. Have you combed your hair???!!!

Then I remember this pony I met in Edinburgh, Scotland. It looked like quite the same. Just that Mr Pony's hair is straighter. Teeeheeeee~

After pet shop, we went to Etude House again........ =.= meaning more money spent. Zoe kept shouting "I hate you" to the nice sales girl for showing her too many nice stuff. Then, Speedy. Another purse squeezing moment............. We quickly retreated after seeing ourselves buying so much stuff in just an hour (Zoe bought more though, wayyyyy more :P ). As our mission that day was to buy dress. So we went to The Curve. In a short 30 minutes time, Zoe got herself 2 tops at the price of RM100. She's expert in bargain!! The shopkeeper discounted to RM110 from about RM130, she insisted for RM100, saying she has only RM100, this top is not worth the price and bla bla bla~~~~ and there, she got her way. (thumbs up everybody~~)

Next shop, right next to shop she just bought 2 tops, a shop runs by a designer. More than half the clothes inside are designed and handmade by him. Kudos~~~ Friendly and nice, the most important thing is, the clothes are all wearable!!! We both bought 2 pieces each for ourselves. Dang!! But fun~~~~ After that, we pulling and pushing each other to leave that evil building, place, area!!

When I got home, my lovers came to welcome me.

Brownnie enjoying me drawing his neck..... ;)

Then Lulu..... LOL she was enjoying it totally.

The rest of my weekend was spent watching these..... I remember when I was in Liverpool, watching Sweeney Todd over and over again.... Till I sang along the songs... :D Miss those times....

Happy moments pass very fast, time to start a new week again. I pray for a peaceful one.....

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Rachel said...

*sob sob sob sob sob CRIED!*

blueyfetes said...

LOL. Bare with it my dear, bare with it. :P