Sunday, June 28, 2009

Night at Phuture

Saturday night, mom was out from noon.... choir practice and later she had a celebration dinner for their successful performance last week. Nobody cooked for me, so I cooked myself instant noodles that Yen brought back from Thailand.

The super big portion of dinner.
Mostly vege.
Mom asked me the next morning:" Why did you finish all the cabbage??!!" :P

After the very very contented dinner, rested for a little while, I started to get ready for the party in Phuture later. :)) Angga came back during the weekend, so I planned a blind date for him and Asif (both of them had been longing for a date). So we went to Phuture since we could get VIP seats there.

I want to thank Elaine for sending me and Rachel there, and thank Eva for accompanying Elaine :D

I think we were the first group for people there....
Zouk, didn't give me good impression. ><
The workers there, the music played...... thumbs half down.

The bar.

After awhile, it turned to be jammed pack.
But not as pack as downstairs.
We all went down to the dance floor later and turned to be Sardine.

Our drinks. Notice sth??

See this then if u didn't notice in the previous pic.
Mini bottle of Belvedere!!
So cute~~~
I heart you~~~~
Too bad, when Asif wanted to give it to me, Andrew snatched it away.
Robber!! You're not a man. Humph!!

The girls.
Rachel, baby Zoe and me. ;)

My babes. :))

Baby Zoe's face looked so green la....
Baby, you ok or not?? LOL

Angga and Rachel.
Zoe: Moi!! berapa ni???
Rach: You... I bagi percuma~~~~

Angga and me.
I like my hair colour in this pic. :)

Asif and me.

Asif acting cool with his scarf.

Peeps were still sober in all the above pictures. Next, let's see some peeps getting high and drunk. :D

Two of them were very happy to meet each other.
Look at Angga's face, then look at Asif's.

Then he was a little bit shy and tried to cover up.
Ended up, really looked like a Taliban.
Sorry sir, I didn't say anything (covering my own mouth)

Look at the happy face~~ priceless smile...
I think Asif didn't even smile that big when he found out he has won a lottery.
Made me wanna sing "love is in the air~~~~"

Then, all the peeps that don't smoke, went smoking like....................
See!! Angga sucking in!!

Sissy Angga.

Sexy back? No, sexy front.

Sucking in.....

blowing out......

Zoe: baby you cannot kiss me ady then...
Jenn: Ya la.. so smelly...
Yes, I was the weird one, running away from the smoke....
squatting on the ground to get fresh air, but Bodhi kept pulling me up.
Bodhi: You're a leng lui... cannot squat like this
Huh?? Y cannot squat one ar??

For pictures below, please focus on Rachel. Thank you.

Proudly present you, the cooked prawn (Rachel) and the greeny (Zoe).
Laugh please~

The cooked prawn is still looking ok this is pic.

There, the cooked prawn slowly turning into a Catwoman. Miao~~~


Then she went to lure Angga.
Angga enjoyed it of course... see his face~

But the crush came. Not happy with what he and Rachel were doing.
Unbuttoning him.

Uh.... I can't remember why he was doing this...

But still, I kissed her.
No mouth though. :P
And sorry, I forgot to give u a goodnight kiss.

Oops, a half-faced prawn was there. hahahaha

Then I was so happy to see Wai Fun Jie Jie's arrival.
Quickly went to camwhore with her.

Then her husband, Andrew.

Bodhi, which looked like one of the Teletubbies with the purple thing on his head.

Baby Zoe, I think she looked like she was about to cry out loudly.
No, I didn't bully her. I swear~~~~~~

I love this pic..... because I looked small... hahaha..
Angga, u're a bit cooked also.

Rachel's fingers!!!

Hey!! Why you always half close your eyes!!

Jenn: Open big big this time!!
He ended up looking like Mr. Bean.

Half-drunk Mr. Bean with Big Bird looking innocent?? Eh..............

Hahaha... 2 cats in the club.

2 acting kawaii....

LJMU fellas rock!!

Zoe: Asif you're the pole!! Jenn, Rach, go grab him!!

Then, I was being pulled to go downstairs, to the dance floor!! It was sooooo jammed pack!! Like no air around (forgot to sing No Air though, haha). But it was really a fun experience. I had a great time. :)

When I got back up, Rach was 'dead'.
Then she revived, looking like a CAT!!

This wild cat.... looked so sexual arrousing lar~

Posing like models??

"Rachel jin tian bu hui jia~~ bu hui jia~~ bu hui jia~~"

Bare feet painted toes (Zoe), white shoes (Andrew), black shoes (Angga) and heels (me).

I got caught doing something stupid also...
Hugging Angga's leg like a koala bear. LOL
I was protecting myself okay... the wildcats were trying to throw ice into my top...
Oh Angga, I hope u didn't fart that time.

I recognize the hands.

Zoe: I like this one!!!

Uh... where was I looking??

Asif looking like superman back there. RED EYES one!!

Oh gross!! My hair!! Hope it didn't disgust you Angga?

It was truly a fun night. Happy happy happy~~~ Although it wasn't a nice club, but we could still enjoy ourselves. :)) Thank you guys~~~ for giving me this happy night and great moments with u all. xoxo

Let's plan for another gathering ya?? :))

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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