Monday, June 1, 2009

Round eyes like fish

You see, Winnie the Ding Dong has very round eyes, so when doing the talking, the eyes would go like sparkling *bling bling*. Yes, something like Gollum's eyes. Especially talking to the person she fond of, out, talking some 'serious business'.

As these few days our beloved manager is on her annual leave, Winnie the Ding Dong is having the biggest pleasure in the office. Leading the new supervisor, Brutus, in all sorts of production processes, admin, leaves approval, claim, headsuum, I mean EVERYTHING.

Brutus somehow enjoys very much of the process and starts calling Winnie the Ding Dong Sifu. Which gives us a good laugh seeing a person without using the brain is being called Sifu.

Once in awhile, Winnie the Ding Dong will still come bug me. Like this particular day.....

W: Jenniferrrr~~ (I have no idea why she likes to drag my 'ferrrrr') Can I ask you something arrrrr????

J: Yeah??

W: Can you work on weekends???

J: (Oh my gosh! I think she has problem of understanding, I've told her NOOOOO) No. Can not.

W: Why ah??? (the favourite quote. everything has to follow with 'why ah')

J: Because I need my personal time...... (I wanted to continue, but........)

W: OH!! Don't worry, if you work during weekends, you can rest on the weekdays.

J: (I know lar dumb head) And everyone is working by then!!

W: Okay...... (thinking what to say) Did Sumita promise you that you dont have to work during weekends?? (there, she used the power of the manager, trying to threaten me)

J: Yes! She asked me before and I told her my reasons and she agreed on it. (Are you satisfied now bossie???)

W: Okay..... (obviously not satisfied) Then can you work nigth shift ar???

J: No. During the interview I had the 'preferred working time' with Sumita already, no night shift. (This biatch is really annoying)

W: Ok then. (Walked away, with no award. Match lost)

You see, actually she's being sooooo actively asking people to work on that time is because the beloved favourite crush is working on those times, she wants to find companies for the staff.

After catching me to go for my break on time, Winnie the Ding Dong urged another one to go for break faster.

W: Hey, I think you better go for you break first. (face glistening delightfully)

Y: I'm not hungry yet.

W: Oh.... you better go now lar.... you continue to tag also useless, nobody is going to do the
briefing anyway.

That's one lame excuse. Winnie the Ding Dong said that because she cares about Y too much, worrying she'd be hungry and when everyone is having their breaks, Y is working alone. Winnie the Ding Dong feels reluctant to see that. She'd 'pain' for Y.


Another particular day, Brutus the scary fella sang to me.

B: Oh Jennifer~~ Jennifer~~ Oh~~~ Jennifer~~~~ (in a clueless music tone)

J: (in pale looking face. What?? I was shocked okay.....)

B: Smile ok???

J:.................... (continued to her work)


Zoe: Hey, I think Brutus likes you a lot lar......

J : Shut up!!!!!!

Zoe: Really lar.... he likes to call you.... put his sight on you whenever you move!!

J : SHUT UP!!!!!!!! Please don't repeat that. PLEASE!!!

Moments later..................

J : (Needed to go to the ladies), stood up.

Zoe: See! he's watching you!!

J : (turned, actually pretending to see Zoe) Shut up!! (Yes, he's really watching. )

OH DARN!!!!! It's scary and horrifying!!!!! Not just once, a few times seeing him watching me, following me walking towards the pantry!! OMG!!! I wonder, if our toilets are unisex, most probably he'd be coming in together eh??? *puke puke puke*

Ok, Jenn, don't be so perasan, maybe he's not watching you. But Zoe saw it too!!! OH NO~~~~~ Why on earth this thing happened to me???? Plus, Zoe is frequently reminding me of him watching over me!! Evil friend!!

If I cry for help, would you guys come save me??? Dora? Giant? Suneo?? Zoe?? (You dont scare me enough la, can't imagine u'd save me :P) Please~~~~~~~

Ok, enough of drama. Shower and dinner~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Lea Spykerman said...

Don't mean to rush you but is your guitar for sale yet? =P

blueyfetes said...

LOL. Sorry sorry, was too occupied and scheduled. I'll try to get it done by this month ya??? Got the string for long ago.... :P