Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The beginning of adventure in Bangkok

It's the end of the year, time to relax and enjoy the holidays. Since I came back from U.K October last year, I had never had holidays. So last Monday, I flew to Bangkok with my mom. It was such a damn good week to have 4 days of vacation in Bangkok, and continued to rest at home for the rest of the week. ^_^

We arrived there early, so we sat down in McDonald's and I had hashbrown..

Going on board~~
Yes, we flew by AirAsia... we're budget traveler :D

妈妈怕楼梯的背影... 已经年迈许多.... 脚还疼痛,也一道和我去曼谷....

Mom's back while climbing up the stairs... I found she's now quite old...
Her knee is still aching, but still, she went Bangkok with me...

I say, Ma, let's go travel together again~

In the flight~
We pitied the Ang Mo behind...
He's such a big guy, knees squeezing the seats even though he had opened widely.. LOL

It was quite full that day...

Bye KL~~~
We had nice weather that day.

About 2 hours of flight, we've reached Bangkok.
Bangkok's time is an hour delayed to KL.

After getting our luggage, we quickly get a taxi and zoomed to the budget hotel.
We had a very chun taxi... see the foreign currencies he pasted there?

There, our budget hotel.
Sawasdee Sukhumvit Inn.

I'd say, for a budget hotel, this room is really a good deal.
Only 1000 baht per night for 2 pax.
If u walk in, it cost from 780 baht only.
A very good deal.

They have mini- bar, water heater, air-conditioner, hair dryer, towels, toilet paper, boiler and 2 bottles of mineral water FOC everyday.
Plus, they have house keeping for you everyday to change the dirty towels and the bed sheets.

The bathroom cum toilet, quite spacious.

This is Smile Restaurant.
You'll get your complimentary breakfast here every morning from 7am-10.30am.
Besides, it is also a restaurant, you can get food here if you're lazy to go out.
If you're in the extend that you're lazy to even step out from your room, no worries, they have room service too.

Once mom and I settled down, we gathered our belongings, headed to Smile Restaurant to grab lunch. We're starving!!
I had Lipton Ice Tea while waiting.

Pork Phad Thai~

Steamed rice with pineapple, chicken and cashew nut.
Ohh~~ I cashew nut~~

Every morning, you'll get to have complimentary breakfast in Smile Restaurant.
You'll get a choice of one set from five.
Besides, you can to have free flow of coffee, tea and orange juice.
Oh, all the breakfast sets come with fruit too~

This is all day breakfast, scrambled eggs, sausage and toast.
This is really good~~ I'm craving for it now!

This is all day breakfast too.
2 sunny side up, bacon and toast. :D

Pancakes with banana~

Boiled rice with pork.
They put quite an amount of ginger and spices, if it's a cooling morning, best serve with this set.

Just 10 mins walk, you will reach the BTS Sky Train station, Thong Lo.
Very convenient.
I love BTS Sky Train!! I've never waited for more than 5 mins every time I took it there.
I took BTS everyday when I was there. EVERYDAY~~~

Night view <3

Overall, I'm very happy with the stay in Sawasdee Sukhumvit Inn. If I ever come back to Bangkok, I'd definitely stay there again. I just love Bangkok~~ I'm sure I'd visit Bangkok again and it's soon!

Ok, that's all for my introduction of my Bangkok trip for now. Later~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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