Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The ending of Bangkok trip and going home...

On the 3rd day, we went to Chit Lom station where shopping malls like Central can be found. The best place to shop for dirt cheap fashion stuff is Platinum mall. If you get off at Chit Lom, get a taxi there. If you want to walk, get off at Ratchathewi. It's not near to walk, talking about 15-20 mins if not mistaken.

In Central Shopping Mall.

The last pic I took before the guard came to stop me.
I've no idea why....

The building..

I prefer Central than Paragon. Maybe it's because I think Paragon is too high class for me. Central is just nice. Not too high, not too low. :)
I didn't buy anything in these shopping malls though... I couldn't make up my mind of what to get... :P

Having lunch in Fuji, we sat beside the windows.

The inside...

Me:" Ma.... You've got no eyes...."

She then opened wide wide. LOL O.O

Tropicana punch. :)

Very fresh prawn they served.

My set meal. I ate till I almost vomit. LOL
Oh, that's beef.

Closer look.

Mom's ramen.

and Gyouza.

We shopped till the mall closed. Hahahha~

There. I'll come back for sure!

Dinner, I had duck boiled rice.

And mom's pork maw boiled rice.

Thai siu-mai.
Taste quite different from ours.

Poodle spotted in the shop.

This was all I left... less than RM100.

And these, are what we've bought in Platinum Mall. :D

Souvenirs for my colleagues.

The very well-made earrings!!!

Bangkok airport is so crowded!
Good sign for Thailand. :)

We had lunch in Black Canyon before boarding.

Yam dessert for mom.

Phad Thai for me.

Chicken chop rice for mom.

Bye~~ Bangkok~~~

After a few hours, we're back in KL again....

Saw the sunset while heading home..

Mom, brother and me went to have dinner before we got home.

That was a yummy yummy dinner!! :) I'm really happy to have mom to go Bangkok with me. She tried to keep up with me although her legs were hurting. My mom is a superwoman! I you mom~~

Ok, ciao now. Will write again soon~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

Since Thai had encounterd some terrorist attack, they had banned tourist for taking pictured especially in crowded shopping malls. This is to minimize de chance that terrorist could get the human flow info and plan something towards it.


Singapore had de similar rule too..

But not sure is PLatinum juz saja2 dun let u take pic or terrorist lar :D

But usually if they see u they wil stop u 1

blueyfetes said...

No no no, not Platinum, is Central. I took pics in Paragon too, but no one stops me. :D

Even restaurant also stopped me le... but I didn't care and continue to take :P

Singapore I went also dont have ar... snapped until I xiao also nobody cares.