Friday, December 25, 2009

The day we got tanned...

* This entry contains of many many many pictures*

On the second day in Bangkok, after we had breakfast, we took the BTS Sky Train to National Stadium, to go to the temple- Wat Poh. From Thong Lo, National Stadium is the 7th stop. If you want to take another line, it is possible as well, even nearer to Wat Poh.

You can take the MRT and go to the last stop, Hua Lamphong. When you get off from either National Stadium or Hua Lamphong, get a taxi metre and go to Wat Poh. Taking taxi metre is better because you will not have to worry getting cheated or less hassle if compare to tuk-tuk.

It's just 5-10 mins away to Wat Poh from National Stadium, cost us about 60 baht (taxi). You need to pay 50 baht of entrance fee to Wat Poh.

Here's the head of the Wat Poh (Reclining Buddha)!
So shinny~~

The ceiling and walls are very well made.

This is the best picture I could get...
There are many pillars in front of it and you can only get the whole picture right at the end..

From the back...

The main focus in Wat Poh is of course the reclining Buddha, but you can walk around, admiring the pagoda around. There are a total 99 pagodas in Wat Poh (I overheard it from a tour guide ^_^ FOC service for us. Mom and I were on our own~).

Spotted a fish pond...

With fish of course...

And I spotted something dead...
But ended up a very nice picture >.<

Some of the pagodas..

Another temple in Wat Poh

Row of Buddha statues...

And this is the shiniest one~

Below are a couple pictures of the pagodas...

Of course, before leaving, camwhore one pic. :P

After visiting Wat Poh, mom and I walked to the pier to get a ferry and crossed the river. The place we were going was Wat Arun. Another magnificent building.

Only 3 baht. WOW!

There, this is the pier.

On the ferry with mom.

50 baht for Wat Arun as well.
Actually the best time to visit Wat Arun is during evening when the sun sets...
But our schedule was not allowed to do so...
But good enough that the scenery was just nice~ ^_^

Some building while entering... didn't go in. hahahaha~

There~ getting close to Wat Arun.

The beginning of an adventure~
Mom didn't follow me as she saw the steps were quite steep and her legs were hurting.
So I went on alone.

I was very brave.
It looks rather easy here, but not that easy when climbing up.

But the nice scenery paid off my hard work.

You get what I mean now?
For a person like me that is afraid of height, it was a very brave action of me!
I almost fainted when I looked down... legs shivering when climbing down too... =.=""

Haha, I was still able to take a picture of myself before going down...
It was really really sunny and HOT!

I want to come again next time, in the EVENING!

Cross the river again.
Oh, this is the Chao Phraya River, quite dirty though...

The ferry pulling in... see the Ang Mo in stripes shirt?
He has a "V" sign on~ LOL
Then when I passed by, he smiled.
What a funny guy~

Saw this Thai sausage, only 15 baht.
Couldn't resist and bought.

Is this mouth watering??

Then I was stopped by a man that sells dried squid. He spilled a thread of Thai language to me and thought I'm a Thai. Hahaha~~After he had found out I'm a tourist, he started to talk to me in English. Asked me where I'm from, this and that. Later, he asked for my map and marked a few places for me that I must go!

Besides, he told me many on-going activities to me... In the end, we said we should go Wat Rajapradit that he suggested to us. It was because we were so lucky, the temple opens only once a month! He called a tuk-tuk for us and even kind enough to bargain for us! The tuk- tuk said 30 bath and he got 20 baht for us! I LOVE THAILAND AND THE PEOPLE!!!

The 1st tuk-tuk ride of the day~
See the roof lining? Doraemon one lei~~~

Mom was so happy~
We're half tanned by then.... =.=

There, we've arrived~~~
It's the temple for King Rama IV, Wat Rajapradit.

This is King Rama IV.

The carvings have meanings for each and every one.

This represents the birth.

This represents the death.

Nice right? We love this temple more.

Hehe. Guard dog for the temple.
Very cute~

There was no tour guide or monk to tell us the story. How did I know so much? We, again, met a nice and friendly person. He's the architect for the temple. Once he saw us, he started to talk to us and explained the structure and symbols in the temple. A very friendly and knowledgeable man.

He asked for my map as well. ^_^ I was wearing shorts that day, so he said, I can't go to the palace today, asked me to go the next day. He suggested so many places for us to visit, really nice of him.

In the end, we decided to go Pan Siamese Gems. It's a jeweleries manufacturer, only opens to public for 10 days for the 1st time in 30 years! Once again, we're lucky. Again, he called a tuk-tuk for us and bargained from 60 baht to 50 baht. LOL

This is the nice man.
Calling mom sister. hahahha~
Oh, he was so shocked when he found mom is older than him. :D
They kinda look alike to me though~

2nd tuk-tuk ride~

The tuk-tuk driver purposely stopped for me to snap a picture of the palace.

There, here's the factory.

I bought myself a pendant.... 5,000 baht. >.< Sorry, I just couldn't resist.

There. It's my birth stone, Garnet.
If my financial condition allowed, I'm so sure that the pendant I bought would be Sapphire.
If a Sapphire or Ruby in this size, will cost at least 10,000 baht.

3rd tuk-tuk ride, to Chinatown.
This is the 3rd tuk- tuk that we asked that willing to take us for 70baht.
The first one asked for 150 baht. And I replied:"bye~ I'll call a taxi." LOL

Gas barrel under tuk- tuk?
I'm not sure, but it's definitely noisy and powerful enough :D

Looks so old and dirty + polluted >.<

And of course, jam!

We had our late lunch in Thailand South Star Restaurant, famous restaurant for birds' nest and shark fin.

Grade 3 birds nest, 300 baht.

Grade 3 shark fin, 300 baht as well.

I wanted to try to have shark fin with rice!

Pork Neck!
The best of all!!!! 120 baht.

My tanned face. Although it's not really obvious in this pic.
The restaurant was so quiet because it was around 3pm.

"Lin Zhen Xiang" is a must visit shop if u're in Chinatown, Bangkok.
They sell awesome food made of pork!!

Cute doggie found!

3rd tuk-tuk ride, to Tesco.
Again, the lady boss of Lin Zhen Xiang called for us ^_^
This ride was 60 baht.

Here we are~~
I bought lots of cute stuff here. :D
In very cheap price!

I didn't buy these though...

Mango with sticky rice and coconut milk. AWESOME!!

These are what we've bought.

Jer High for my doggies!
Almost half of the price if compared to KL.

Lay for myself >.< fatty! Cute instant noodles, Doraemon socks and green curry paste for Vincent. Vincent, you must cook for me at least once!

The Bacardi in my hotel room's fridge.
I was sooooo tempted to open a bottle and drink it all!!

Ok, that's all for this long winded entry~ Tata~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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