Friday, December 11, 2009

Cousin's Wedding!!

On last Sunday, 6th of Dec, was my cousin sis, Nicole & Leon's wedding. It was a bit special because the wedding was during lunch, not dinner. So we all got ready, and went to Rawang to attend the wedding lunch.

In the invitation card, it stated 2pm to start, we went there late, and reached there late. Oops. Sorry~~~ Didn't know that it would start almost right on time. Paise Paise.

I wore my ocean blue dress to the wedding.
When the relatives saw me, they were all commenting that I've gained a lot of weight. They meant, A LOT!
Well yeah, I know I did. I just don't like they way they told me.
But yeah, thanks to them, I'd be working my ass off to slim down.
Wait and see folks!!

I'm loving my new hair~ ^_^

Congratulations to the couple~

They have beautiful chandeliers~

My all time favourite dish!
The shark fin!!
Even it's without any fins in it, I still love this dish~
I just love the soup :D

My cousin brother's eldest son, enjoying his shark fin.... till eyes were closed.

With superwoman~
I looked angry tho.... hmmm...

Sis and superwoman.

The bride!!
I think this gown is the best during the wedding~

Me (king kong Barbie) and the bride~

They're both my cousin sisters.

Mua koh koh~
Serving everyone. Good, very good. LOL

Another cousin with her daughter.
They look exactly the same!! Like being photocopied.

Time to have 合紧交杯酒~

Hug hug~

Kiss Kiss~

This prawn is superb!

Cousin brother's second son.
Happy to have his hair "sharpened".

回眸一笑to my brother.

With sis and the couple.

Leon kept asking me to take his picture.
He and his wife were so high that day~
the effect of wain~

The funny side of them.

I really like this picture.

Everyone is telling us that once they look at us, they know we're a family.
^_^ I like that.

Mr and Mrs Bond?
My camera went sth wrong... changed the bride's eyeshadow to red.
So I had to do some editing... but my editing skill sucks...
She turns out to be funny.... but better than the faulty one that my camera has caused.

Here, I wish them happy honeymoon~ Also, live happily ever after, have kids and grow old together~ May all the blessings from us and ur family and friends be with you both together forever. I'm truly happy for you guys. :)

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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