Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Embarking at Siam Station

Right after we've taken our late lunch at Smile Restaurant, mom and I quickly walked to the BTS Sky Train, Thong Lo station to start our exploration in Bangkok. The station is just 5-10 mins walk away from the hotel. Very convenient.

Someone was trying to steal mom's belongings, NOT.
Just a funny pic :P

In Siam Paragon.

The X'mas deco is awesome!

They're very creative in decorations I reckon.

And I think, they love to hang stuff from the ceiling.

Spotted my favourite man.

Superwoman in action...... standing. LOL

Mom said, she doesn't know how to take picture for me and asked me to camwhore.

I think I love taking pics of ceiling too.

They have live performance too~

X'mas deco is everywhere~

Frosty~~~~ the snowman!

Fountain, outside of Siam Paragon.
Just next to Siam Paragon, another shopping mall called Siam Center.

The unique design of toilet in Siam Center.

Mom's leg was hurting, so she wanted an ice cream break.
We went to Swenson's.

This is my prince. LOL

After the ice cream break, we continued to walk around. Superwoman just followed me here and there, patiently waited me while I was snapping pictures around.

Below are pictures I snapped while we walked around...
All along the street~

Back in Siam Paragon...
It's like KL Pavilion.

The nutcrackers?

During dinner, we went to eat in Paragon's foodcourt.

Beef noodles~

With fishes in aquariums surrounding you while u're eating~

After we've filled our stomach, we continued to walk around to see the lighting around~
Then I spotted this cute man, oh excuse me, I mean cute hat... ehem.

Ar.... melted me~

A X'mas tree that changes colour.

This is even more awesome!
I'm happy that I've bought my camera!

A girl posing in

A girl posing like.. uh.... plane?

I like the taxi in Bangkok, so colourful~~~

I snapped till the train has arrived. :D

That's the end of our first day in Bangkok. Happy happy happy~~
It's time for me to sleep now, laters~~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--

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