Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New hair and an afternoon with mom

I have a new hair style (finally)! I was too bored with my straight, silky, dark hair.... I've had that kind of hair since very very long ago. Seldom do something special, so 2 weeks ago, I had decided to make a difference. :)

1st step, cream applied to soften my hair.

2nd, curled and heated= digital perm.

3rd, Colour highlight to make the curls more visible~

Shampoo+conditioner+mousse= RM99.90.

With a free umbrella. Love the colour~

Altogether, I've spent RM210 (perm+colour highlight), RM99.90 (products) and RM90 (treatment one week later) for this new hair style. It took me 5 hours to get the hair done and another 2hours+ for the treatment. Luckily, the curls look good!! Worth for money and time and it's what I've been wanting for~ :) I'm satisfied.

Nice?? Say YES lar~~

Love the curls!!

*sniff sniff* It didn't smell good.
But it is now! :D

The next day, I was supposed to go out with Zoe, too bad she fell sick... AGAIN!! AMM's feng shui is really really bad!!

Mom knew I was going out alone and tagged along. So we went to 1U and then The Curve.

All ready~

Nice bag bought in SG. $24, good for value.

Went to visit this lady first of course.
Cute as usual~

Nice mirror~

That guy with the cat, I can't remember his name.
But he's super popular... girls purposely came to Etude House to buy stuff to get his poster and file. >.<

During this festive season, they're having sales!!
Up to 50% for some products!!
Go grab it!!
I'll share my products next time from Etude. :P

Dirty mirror... that's why a bit blur and made the pic looks nicer?? LOL

After I've done shopping, we headed to New York New York Deli.

Once you've placed your order, they'll serve you cold/warm water with lemon.
I love this~

This is the nice guy that served us.
Very polite and attentive. Kudos to him~~

My New York Peach Cool, RM6.50.

Mom's Root Bear Float, RM7.90.

Slurping and sipping the ice cream.
At the beginning, she spilled the foam on the table... Mr nice guy came quickly to clean the mess.
Well done!

Pancakes with maple syrup, RM9.50.
The set isactually with bacon, I requested to change it to scramble eggs. ^_^

Crunchy mushrooms, RM10.90.

Hawaii Teriyaki Chicken, RM18.90.

This is really good~ the chicken is so tender and juicy~~~

This is the place. Just right opposite of Cold Storage in 1Utama.
Overall, I'd say the service is real good.
Mr nice guy even asked us how's the food before we left.
The food, if you've big appetite, please order more.
The portion I've ordered, was definitely WRONG!!
Nearly vomited when we're done. LOL.
We even asked them to make the mushrooms take away for us >.<
I give 4/5 for the food. :) Taste good~~~

Spotted a X'mas tree that looks similar as the one I saw in Singapore.
I wonder, the trend of purple colour, applicable to X'mas trees as well?? Hahahaah

The crystal ball is rather a bit too dirty though...

It was another good weekend day out with mom. I wish there will be more of this day~~ :)

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


Anonymous said...

Nice Pictures and stories ;)

blueyfetes said...

Thanks~ May I know who are u? :)