Monday, December 7, 2009

Merry Merry X'mas in The Curve

It's time to shopping again! Because X'mas is crawling nearer and nearer!! But to me, it was my window shopping day. >.< I'm broke! Very broke! Someone help me pls!! But I'm not meaning loan shark. LOL Lame~~~~~~ =.=""

We met in Desa Park City first.....
Sent Orange for grooming~
She looks curious like "Eh, what the heck??!!" in here. LOL

Once we're in The Curve, we started to snap pictures like mad.
Oooo... hot chick spotted.

Let's share some nice pictures of the X'mas deco in The Curve with you all~
Love the ceiling, hate the cupid. >.<

3 X'mas trees together~

Of course have to take picture together lar~~~
X'mas tree as background :)

Then we headed to Dome for brunch.
Dome, you should be happy, Starbucks is just right beside and we visited you.

breakfast: pancakes of course!!!

Looks so delicious right?? The strawberries and raspberries...
They're all very very sour actually...
So we pushed them to a side... :P

Ice peach tea... I guess.

Ho ho ho~~~ this is superb~~~
But I've forgotten the name... Soweee~~

Ohhhhhhhh....... mouth-watering!!

The 70% full look.

Love the arrangement on the shelves.

Please be patient.
There would be tonnes of camwhore pics!! >.<

1. Bending down to take your own picture is good.... LOL

2. Potential AV lady?? Nah... I think better to be lingerie model. :P
*Don't smack me

3. The silly pic.
Finally!! I'm able to take pics like this!!

4. Couldn't stop to bend down. Silly one.

5. Something irresistible to her in my camera.

6. Was quite tired already.....

There's a X'mas garden outside of Cineleisure~

The very tidy tables and chairs of Laundry.

The tree!!!
the colour of the sky~~

An "about-to-marry" couple. >.<
Blocking my way to take the pic...

Bbit Bbit~~~

Horsie~~ or ponnie??

deer deer~

My favourite!
This cutie bear bear~

And an A-lee-funk~

Goh goh beh (horsie) with a-lee-funk~

Zoe:" deer, be good ar... don't kick and run away~"

Changed to Levi's fitting room. :P

Zoe:" I have no idea what you are doing lo~~~"
Jenn:" I'm pretending to be a hamster, can't you see???"

Jenn:" Imma pig."
Zoe:" I don't know what am I..."

Jenn:" I'm more pig than pig now."
Zoe:" I'm getting close!"

A nice one~

Vain 1.

Vain 2.

Master Zoe and Jenn the pet. LOL

Zoe:" You be good! Listen to all my words!!"
Jenn:" Ok! As long as I get everything I want! Humph!!" :P



Ho~~~ shot from 2nd floor~

I have no neck. >.<

I like to make funny and ugly face sometimes.
What's so big deal? I'm not afraid~
I'm brave enough to show my true self.
This is part of me and I ain't perfect.
I love being myself. :)
But honestly, this face is in superb (ugly) level. LOL

Zoe:" I said I don't want to take pic!"

Yawn~~~ *scratch*

Getting late... Cupid still at "work".

I don't know why, I think this X'mas tree looks like a closed umbrella. Hahahahaa

So classical~

My double chin problem is getting more serious!

Zoe the shopaholic matching the X'mas tree. Perfectly.

It was really a fun and happy day. Although the last time was not too long ago, but it seemed like so long to me. But at least, things are cooled now. I'm not alone, we're not alone. But you, I think u'd be checking my blog to look at Zoe's pictures?? At least, I'm doing one good dead to you, but u? not a single that I could think of.

That's all for now. Will be going for my holiday soon~ Weee~~ so happy~~ continue to write when I come back~ Ciao ciao~~~

--Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes--


阿棗 陳 Zoe said...

Don;t post Zoe's pic :D

dun dun dun :D

blueyfetes said...

Ha?? Ady posted?? Apa lu cakap??