Monday, October 20, 2014

Review of Pai Vieng Fah Resort

Choosing the correct accommodation in Pai for myself, I took these things into consideration:

1. Location - quiet and easy access

2. reasonable price
3. Cleanliness

After checking out a few places on the internet, I booked Pai Vieng Fah Resort in the end and not regret one bit when I arrived!

When I was at the bus station, I called the resort and asked for direction, the receptionist said, wait there, 5 minutes, we will send someone to pick you up! How nice!

This is the cute tuk-tuk that came to pick me up~
And it's free of charge!

Once entered, the view on the left.



Every corner is very cosy. 

Just sit and relax.

View from the reception area.

Walking towards my little hut~

The lower level is toilet, middle is reception area and the top floor is a place for you to view scenery.

My cot for 2 nights on the ground floor~ love it!

After settling down, I walked around the places nearby~

So green!!!

What a contrast.

A bar and place to stay.

This resort has very attentive staff. If you do not rent a motorbike and do not want to walk to the main street, you can request to have the tuk-tuk sent you to the main street and it's free of charge! Room is quite clean, price is reasonable, surrounding is quiet, so overall I rate it 8/10.

It was a pleasant stay and good experience. If I ever go to Pai again, I will stay here. 

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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