Thursday, October 9, 2014

What to do in Pai. Thailand - Part 1

After 2 nights in Chiangmai, I went to Pai, a small town which I've heard so many good things about it!

The minivan ticket to Pai from Chiangmai costed me THB 160, pick up from hotel. It takes 3 hours from Chiangmai to Pai. I heard of the crazy mountain roads to Pai, so I bought anti motion sickness pills before hand and took it before the journey started.

Thank God for that! If not, I think I would be puking all the way to Pai!

This post will be pictures, will write in details about the transport and hotel in another post.

Places I went in Pai (part 1):  Coffee in Love, Love Pai Strawberry,  Pai Canyon, Pai Memorial Bridge and night market.

A cup of tea before the journey~

And breakfast! :)

Arrived at Prempacha station. Called the hotel I've booked and they sent a tuk-tuk to pick me up!

A room with good view!

The view at the opposite of my hotel. 

Hungry!!! Went out to find food, found this little cafe:
Cafe De Pai

Avocado salad.


Alfredo! See that glass of cheese powder? :D

Nicely decorated ♥

After filling the stomach, rented and bike and off to tour around Pai!

Pai Waan Resort, everything is painted in PINK!

If I ever have Jeep, a pink one is not bad :D

The Riverside. 
Sun burnt after that.

Baan Pai Riverside.
You can stay here if you like~

Met a very smart dog.
Saw it walking into the river and sat down, then came back out after cooled off. 

Mari Pai, another resort.

The signature.
Yes, only 27 Celsius in the day, but I didn't think it was cooling.

The famous yellow house, so fairy tale like. 
It's located at Coffee in Love.

Great view.

Enter and you will find coffee.

Could sit here for hours.

If you come in a group, each one can have an alphabet.

Love Pai Strawberry with 2 big strawberry locks!

Lock your love message here~

I think everywhere looks just like fairy tale.

Always have an artsy pic.

Before sunset, I went to Pai Canyon~

Too bad it was too cloudy~

Photography skills are not up to standard, unable to show the canyon.

Next: Pai Memorial Bridge.

Beautiful sky colours~

Sat and watched the buffaloes taking mud bath~

Then this kitty came and asked me to play with it...
Or asked me to bring it home? :)

Wanna play? Meow~

They have props on the bridge too~

Hehe~ doggie is so cute~

Back to the city centre and went to the night market.

Lots of crafts available here~ love them all!

Love him so much!

So hug-able~~~~

*he likes only females*
*because he growls at males*

Grandma's pancakes, best!
The fluffy giant's owner~

She made love shaped pancakes~ ♥
Taste awesome too! Bought from her 2 nights in a row~

When you check-in to the hotel in Pai or when you rent a bike, they will provide you a map and showed you the spots to go. This post is about the route I took on day 1,  the attractions are just located along the route.

Will write more next time!


-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --


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