Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wat Phra Singh - Doi Suthep - iBerry (Chiangmai)

Love their signage :)

Soup made of coconut milk and some ingredients.

Dish that I've eaten most in Chiangmai~
Soup with vege, meatballs and glass noodles.

Egg wrap minced meat, yum!

It's more reasonable to travel in Chiangmai!

Wat Phra Singh!

Price list for Songthaew.
I went to another station and took one to Doi Suthep with THB 50 for 1 way.

After 45 mins, we have finally reached the top!

One stretch of Songtheaw~

I'd say Doi Suthep is a very grand temple. Too bling!

Finally a pic with white clouds and blue sky~ 

It was a freaking hot day!

Sunnies are a must!
So sunny and the gold is so shiny!

In Chinese they called this twin dragon temple. 
But........ they are not dragons actually.

The dogs here just sleep and make money! ^_^

Tame and not afraid of strangers/ camera.

Then I took the Songtheaw again and arrived at Nimmanhaemin Road.
From Doi Suthep to here cost THB 50 as well.

What is it famous for? Cafes. Lots of them!

I came all the way for iberry~

A giant sculpture welcomed me at the entrance.

Apple crumble~
I forgot about the taste as I was too excited looking around.

I arrived almost in the evening, lights were lighted beautifully~

Be different.


Cosy area~
If it wasn't there were too many mosquitoes, I might stay longer.

Well, till the next post again! Ciao~

-- Jenn a.k.a. blueyfetes --

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